Story courtesy of Multi-National Corps — Iraq PAO

KALSU, Iraq — Iraqi Security Forces and Paratroopers captured a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist wanted for a string of attacks against the security forces and citizens in North Babil during Operation Marne Avalanche, Aug. 5.

The Iraqi Army, police and Paratroopers from Company A, 1st Battalion, 501st Airborne, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division conducted an early morning raid in Snadeej near Jurf As Sukhr to capture the suspected insurgent.

“More than 50 IPs, 20 IA soldiers and 50 paratroopers participated in the operation,” said Capt. Henry Moltz, commander of Company A and a native of Midlothian. “The populace was very receptive to the ISF-led operation and a local source pointed the man out to us.”

Thanks to joint operations like this one, the Jurf As Sukhr area is on the road to security and stability, Moltz said

“This operation marks 50 days in Jurf As Sukhr with no attacks, as compared to six months ago when there was at least one attack every day,” Moltz said. “The drop in violence is a testament to the Paratroopers and Iraqi Security Forces who have embraced the Joint Security Station concept and who have trained and fought side by side.”

The JSS isn’t the only key to success in the area. According to the soldiers and paratroopers who work in the region, citizens are a big factor in their success.

“The people in Snadeej and Jurf are tired of violence,” said Moltz. “They are tired of being scared. They want a better life.”

During Operation Marne Avalanche, the paratroopers of the 4th Brigade have killed 16 insurgents, conducted numerous precision raids and captured more than 110 insurgents, including eight cell leaders and other high value individuals.