Alvarado ISD administrators recently received confirmation that all three elementary campuses had earned recognized ratings when the official accountability ratings were published on the Texas Education Agency’s Web site.

Lillian Elementary School, Alvarado Elementary North and Alvarado Elementary South were among 1,657 elementary schools across the state that received the recognized status.

“As professional learning communities, we know how important it is to celebrate our successes,” assistant superintendent for instruction Ellen Cooper said.“So we are definitely celebrating today.”

Alvarado Elementary North had positive gains in each subject when compared to last year’s results, which included a 95 percent passing rate in reading (up 3 percent); 97 in writing (up 4 percent) and a huge eight point gain in mathematics with 88 percent of all students passing that portion of the TAKS exam.

Alvarado Elementary South and Lillian Elementary School each had similar results across the board. Both had 95 percent passing rates in reading; and both also had 81 percent rates in mathematics. Writing scores at AES included a 94 percent passing rate, while those same figures at LES were 91 percent.

“Recognized status happens when faculties come together to mine data, develop instruction to meet the needs of all the learners and then monitor and adjust the progress.” Cooper said. “Each of these elementary campuses have done this and are now celebrating the results.”

AISD’s other three campuses (Alvarado Intermediate School, Alvarado Junior High School and Alvarado High School) received academically acceptable ratings by the TEA.

Cooper said that although more work still has do be done, she was pleased with these three campuses for drastically improving their scores from the previous year.

“AIS, AJH and AHS have each shown steady and, in some areas dramatic, improvement and success for all learners.” she said.“AIS, for example, has seen a 16 percentile increase in science scores.”

AIS also saw improvements in the following areas: reading, 91 (up 4 percent) and mathematics (up 5 percent). AJH stayed the same in reading at 80 percent, followed by a 1 percentile increase in mathematics at 62. It also received an 83 in social studies.

AHS scores continued to show progress with reading at 89 percent (up 2 percent); social studies, 90 (up 2 percent); mathematics, 58 (up 1 percent), and science, 72 (up 7 percent).

“AISD is on the right track for continued improvement and success for all learners” Cooper said. “The 2007-08 school year will be no exception.”