FERRIS - The Ferris City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission met in joint special session Monday night to conduct a public hearing to discuss Ellis County Municipal Utility District No. 1.

In a telephone interview, City Manager Gus Pappas told the Daily Light that the meeting was the culmination of a yearlong deliberation by city officials over the district, located southwest of the city of Ferris.

“The previous administration initiated the proceedings to form the MUD and the present administration has been opposed to it,” Pappas said. “We have spent the past year and at least a half-dozen meetings, each which lasted for two or three hours, discussing the various points of concern and trying to reach an agreement.”

“The city council has been working to find a solution with which both sides could agree,” Pappas said. “Last night, the council came to a modified agreement with planning and zoning concerning regulation of the municipal utilities district, much the same as the city regulations.”

Three documents were approved during the meeting: a contract for annexation of the MUD, an operational agreement and a resolution showing approval by the city council, all of which will be sent to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.