An employee of the electrical subcontractor helping to complete the new Ennis High School project died last week after an accident on the job site.

Authorities believe Victor Gomez fell from an eight-foot ladder and the injuries he suffered as a result of the fall caused his death.

“We suspect that the victim hit his head when he fell, which caused subsequent trauma and led to his death. However, we are currently waiting for the medical examiner's report to know for sure,” said Sergeant Mike Hopson of the Ennis Police Department.

While Ennis ISD officials don't know what caused the accident, they are sympathetic toward the situation and have cooperated with authorities to aid in the investigation.

“We don't have many details regarding the incident, but we are sad for the family. It is an unfortunate situation and we will work with OSHA as they investigate the accident,” said Dr. Eddie Dunn, EISD superintendent.

The accident occurred around 3 p.m. Thursday.

Ennis High School principal David Averett said he saw the ambulance and immediately consulted with the school police to get some information on the situation.

“When I saw the ambulance, I quickly investigated the situation to make sure that there were no students involved, but the campus police came back quickly with word that one of the construction workers had been involved in an accident. … I went to the construction site to get a better understanding of the situation,” Averett said.

Upon his arrival, hospital paramedics were loading Gomez into the ambulance and Averett asked if they needed any help. He then got into the back of the ambulance with Gomez and assisted the paramedics with resuscitation efforts until they arrived at the hospital, where Gomez was pronounced dead.

“All I did was ask if the ambulance people needed help and did what they told me to … anyone else would have done the same thing. It was a terrible thing and I wish the outcome had been different for him and his family,” Averett said.

The Ennis Police Department is calling the incident an accident and no foul play is suspected.

Funeral services for Gomez were held over the weekend.