Alcoholic Anonymous is seeking to form a local chapter and will meet at 7 p.m. at Midlothian First United Methodist Church at 800 South Ninth Street.

The group will meet every Thursday night at 7 p.m. thereafter.

“We are calling our chapter ‘The Last House,’” said Mike H. “As the name says we are anonymous and no one is forced to do anything.

“We are urging famly and friends to show up,” said Mike. “We want teenagers to show up, too. Midlothian may not want to admit it, but our kids have a problem, too.”

Since the Fellowship began in 1935, the age of new members has constantly dropped. A.A. groups for young people began appearing as early as 1945. Today approximately 10 percent of A.A. members are under 30.

In reaching out to young alcoholics, A.A. offers them a variety of special literature and audiovisual material, mainly available in Spanish as well as English.

The stories help the young newcomer to A.A. understand that an alcoholic can “hit bottom” without going through 20-plus years of drinking, never mind the loss of family, friends and financial stability.

Through identification with the recovery stories of people their own age, they learn they never have to feel so alone and frightened again—and can lead comfortable, happy, even exciting lives in sobriety.

For more information call “Cowboy” at (214) 738-7314.

“This can make a difference in your life,” said Mike. “All you need to do is just show up.”