Starting Sept. 1, more than 360 McDonald’s restaurants across North Texas will push their recruitment effort to hire approximately 2,500 restaurant employees across the metroplex.

Joy Simon, owner and operator of five stores in the North Texas area, is excited to commence the recruitment.

"There is nothing that brings me more joy than to be able to provide opportunities to those that are employed and in need looking for jobs because McDonald’s is honestly a place where you can learn a myriad of skills," Simon shared. "Team work, customer service responsibilities, those are job skills that people can take with them if they stay with McDonalds or if they go elsewhere. It’s not just kind of like a fall back job that we’re providing. It’s actually a job where the skills can be useful. And I think that’s a valuable asset and experience no matter who you are. We are looking to hire as many as we can."

Those looking for a job can visit to learn more and apply to restaurants in the North Texas area. McDonald’s has made the process easy, allowing job seekers to apply by saying, "Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald’s" to any Alexa device or saying, "Hey Google, help me get a job at McDonald’s" to any device with the Google Assistant built-in.

Potential applicants will receive a short text message shortly after with a link to continue their application process. Interviews will be done practicing social distancing, making safety a number one priority.

"Providing a safe environment in our restaurants is a top priority," said Joy Silmon, local McDonald’s owner/operator. "As local business owners, we’re committed to creating employment, professional development and educational opportunities in our communities such as tuition assistance and English language classes to our crew members through our Archways to Opportunity program."

According to a news release, "McDonald’s has implemented over 50 new safety procedures to protect both crew and customers, building on the processes already in place such as wellness and temperature checks, social distancing floor stickers, protective barriers at order points, masks and gloves for employees with the addition of new procedures, and continue to serve guests through McDelivery and the Drive Thru."

Additionally, the fast-food restaurant allows workers the opportunity to further their education through their program Archways to Opportunity .

"We have ‘Archways to Opportunities’ that allows our employees to further their education. We have a career advising program. We have English under the Archway for those who may be speaking English as a second language. Our ’Archway to Opportunities’ program will also allow for a $2,500 tuition assistance. This is actually the fifth year anniversary for that program, and we’ve already given out $100 million in tuition assistance."

The Archways to Opportunity program is eligible after 90 days of work at a minimum of 15 hours a week. Additionally, restaurant employees can earn a high school diploma, receive $2,500 in upfront college tuition assistance, access to free education and career advising services and the opportunity to learn English as a second language.

McDonald’s also continues to invest in the communities in which it serves through two major scholarship programs, HACER® National Scholarships and Thurgood Marshall Black and Positively Golden Scholarships.

"We are so excited to be providing opportunities for those that are looking for jobs at this time," said Simon.