Red Oak ISD shared information on confirmed COVID-19 cases within the district, on Aug. 27.

The district has confirmed seven active COVID-19 cases up to date. Of the seven cases, two are virtual learners that have come on campus for a single class.

"The district has informed all Wooden Elementary families and staff of a confirmed student case. In addition, two secondary virtual learners (1 HS, 1 MS) who had been on campus for one class earlier in the week notified the district of a positive test result. The campuses conducted contact tracing and have notified families of potential exposure," stated ROISD in a Facebook post.

Students that are found to be close contact identified students, along with the positive students, will be converted to full-time virtual students for the duration of their isolation or quarantine.

Additionally, on Monday the district again shared a post informing Red Oak Elementary families and staff of a confirmed case.

"While we still have a fairly low number of active case numbers in Ellis County, we can continue to reduce the spread with health and safety precautions," the district stated through Facecook..

"We’ve been super transparent about it..We send out our notifications the day we find out. We know there’ s going to be case and it's just a matter of making sure that our staff and students are doing everything they can possibly do to prevent the spread. For the most part kids have been super responsive. Daily administration walk the halls even from up here, we go to campuses and are making sure the kids are doing what they’re doing," shared Beth Trimble, Executive Director of Communications for Red Oak ISD.

At the end of six weeks, parents will be able to make a decision on whether their child will continue in-person school or vice versa. Parents will be sent information around Sept. 11 and will have to send their decision by the following Wednesday.

"We’re not trying to hide anything. We know there’s gonna be cases and the best thing we can do is continue to make sure that we’re as transparent as possible.. "Information is valuable to people to make a decision about their childhood education. We can tell you if there’s a positive case and if it changes your opinion of how your child’s being educated virtually or at home or in-person, that’s OK," Trimble said.

ROISD encourages the community to wear a mask at all times in public, to social distance six ft. apart and to stay home if sick or symptoms.

Additionally, community members praised the district for their transparency concerning COVID-19, leaving thankful comments under their Facebook posts.