Since July 1, the Ellis County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has reported on COVID-19 data as received the information from Texas Health Trace (THT) but due to inconsistencies in the data received in the THT reports, OEM has upheld transparency by correcting errors in the case line lists received from the State.

These corrections have included removing duplicated cases, removing case counts that were outside the county’s jurisdiction, and adjusting cases to the appropriate city jurisdiction in the case line lists received from Texas Health Trace (THT).

Ellis County has addressed this disconnect in data to the State on numerous occasions. As of today, DSHS has notified OEM they will be adjusting cases on their dashboard to reflect the corrections made in the case line lists.

Comparison between DSHS Dashboard and THT DSHS Dashboard Data 7/29 :

Total positive cases: 2,387

Active Cases: 104

Recoveries: 2,195

Deaths: 33

THT Case Line List 7/29

Total positive cases: 2,323

Active cases: 138

Recoveries: 2,164

Deaths: 21

In today’s THT report received by the State, Ellis County currently has 21 deaths due to COVID-19, however, the DSHS interactive dashboard is reporting there are 33 COVID-19 related deaths in Ellis County. It has been brought to the County’s attention that DSHS has gone back beginning June 25th, and edited the "Fatalities Over Time by County" file (found HERE) to include these additional cases. This has created a discrepancy in the data we receive from THT, as the THT case line lists do not reflect the additionally reported cases. Further information regarding these additional cases have not been distributed locally.

In a news release Ellis County Judge & Emergency Management Director Todd Little stated, "We appreciate your understanding as we work together to create a safe and healthy community. This is a partnership that will take all of us in the coming weeks as we restart school, teaching, and extracurricular activities."