Two seniors from Midlothian Heritage are teaming up to hold a peaceful protest on July 31, in hopes to bring up the importance of diversity in the Midlothian school district.

"My name is Kyla Phillips; my colleague Carmen Hammon and I are organizing a peaceful protest in Midlothian. Carmen and I are upcoming seniors at Midlothian Heritage High School and wanted to host a protest about the importance of diversity in the Midlothian school district," Philips said, "most importantly the Midlothian school board and lastly express how important it is for the youth to vote."

The protest is scheduled to start at 6 p.m., taking place on 234 N Eighth St. The protest will include a 20-minute, one-mile walk, guest speakers, a voters registration booth and a water donation raffle.

"Our march is titled, ’Minorities are the Priority,’ which will feature speakers who are community leaders that believe in our cause as teenagers. Hopefully, this protest will bring change in the Midlothian Independent School District and in the Midlothian community," Phillips shared. "Specifically, we are addressing the MISD school board; as students who attend this school district, we deserve representation by people who will respect all of the students and families that are served by the MISD."

Both students encourage masks be worn and social distancing be practiced at the event. They have also said that this event is in support of Black Lives Matter.

For more information, visit the instagram page @Midloheritage.bsu .