A citizen of Waxahachie took it upon himself to clean up graffiti from the Waxahachie Sports Complex, after the letters BLM had covered the sign.

Terry Self, veteran who served in the army for 12 years, went out of his way to clean the sign that he had seen many community members upset about.

"I personally spent two hours out their cleaning the sign. The reason I done it was because I love my community and don't like seeing it destroyed like that," Self explained through a Facebook post. "I served 12 years in the army deployed twice to IRAQI I have seen enough destruction. YES BLACK LIVES MATTER, SO DOES MEXICAN, ASIAN, WHITE, SO DOES PEOPLE FROM 3RD WORLD COUNTRYS. We as Americans have the right to have our own opinions. Why do we have to try and change history because it happened in the past. We as americans need to look to the future and try to change that with out destroying our own city's, town, and ourselves."

Self wasn’t asked by anyone in charge of the venue to wipe the sign clean. He originally saw a post on the internet showing the vandalism.

"When there was graffiti on there..there were a lot of negative posts saying ‘Why did this happen?’ and ‘why can’t people stop tagging graffiti on stuff?’, Self said. "The reason I did it is because I live in a community and I don’t like seeing the community I live in defaced."

After Self shared a post sharing his service through a community page, community members praised and thanked him.

"I was just doing it for the community," Self exclaimed.