Ellis County reports on COVID-19 cases as they are distributed to the Local Health Authority from the Texas Health Trace (THT) platform.

The Ellis County Office of Emergency Management is working to uphold transparency and correct any potential errors in the case line lists received from the State, due to the unreliable data received in today’s report from THT.

These updated numbers will be distributed as soon as the corrections have been addressed. For the time being residents can view the impacts of COVID-19 across our Ellis County Medical Network.

The Ellis County hospital system has 114 patients admitted, with 98 available beds. In the intensive care unit (ICU) for Ellis County, there are 11 occupied beds out of 18 total beds.

According to the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (NCTTRAC), eight patients are in the ICU and 20 patients are in MedSurge, who are patients that have tested positive for COVID-19 and are admitted into the Ellis County hospital system.