UNT Student and Waxahachie High School Alumna, Analeigh Flores, is petitioning the removal of the WHS Indian mascot.

In a Twitter post, Flores said, " Hello Waxahachie friends! i’m gathering evidence of WISD’s misuse of Native American culture so a case can be made to get the mascot changed and petition can be created. if you have any evidence or can give me advice on how to get this started, dm me!"

She is currently in the process of creating a petition that will have an attached document with evidence of Native culture being misused in WISD. Although the petition mentions the removal of the WHS Indian mascot, it is collectively for the removal of all Native theming within the district.

"I believe Waxahachie's use of Native American culture trivializes and generally mishandles the rich culture. WISD is made of 0.9% American Indian students and 0.5% American Indian teachers as of 2019. This striking statistic shows a majority of the students and teachers currently donning sacred attire such as war bonnets, feathers, and face paint are White, Hispanic, and African American in descending order, not Native American. This alone can explain why Native culture is regularly misused throughout the district," Flores explained.

Flores said she plans to take this issue to the school board once the petition is released and she has a solid plan.

She has reached out to the community and has received various responses, positive and negative.

"I have an overwhelming amount of support from past and current students. At least a hundred individuals have come forward and presented evidence to me that Waxahachie presents Native culture in a negative light," Flores shared. "Aside from the amazing support, I have had many, mostly older individuals messaging or tagging me in social media posts that insult my appearance, intelligence, maturity, and even threaten harm on my family and me due to my views."

Additionally, Flores has attempted to reach out to the Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

"..I am trying to get in contact with the Chief of the Cherokee Nation since he made a statement to Port Neches-Groves High School due to their insensitivity towards Native Americans," Flores said.