The Rotary Club discovered various flags were stolen and vandalized in the Spring Creek area in Waxahachie, after the Fourth of July weekend.

"Thanks to our team there, they have met with the Sheriff's Department and are checking with the neighbors for any camera footage they can gather," said Melissa Ballard, Director of the Rotary Club. "There were stolen flags, flags on the ground, bent flag poles, thrown flags around the neighborhood."

American Flags were placed in front of homes of paying customers for the Fourth of July weekend, by Rotary Club volunteers.

"The American Flag is a powerful symbol, especially to generations of veterans and their families. It may be just cloth to some, but the Stars & Stripes are associated with freedom and the ultimate sacrifices made by our troops in many conflicts. Never did I think in Waxahachie, our community, that I would see such vandalism and cruelty. Join me in praying for those who caused this damage, the unsettled feelings they must have, and for peace in our nation," Ballard said.

According to the President of the Rotary Club, Billie Walace, about 41 flags were damaged or stolen. Of those flags, approximately 20 flags were recovered from citizens.

"We have since replaced those customers flag’s at their residence and I don’t have an exact amount of the damage. There’s not any member in charge because all of our members are volunteers, but as far as the flags and the poles, the damage and total loss is under $200," Wallace said. "Some of the residents live in the area that it occurred and they woke up to find it. It’s disheartening to the Rotarian volunteers and to the customers that pay to have those flags put in in front of their homes and businesses."