Buffalo Creek Assisted Living is asking penpals to send letter to their residents, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

"We are asking anyone that is interested to send a letter to a resident here at our community and they can become pen pals. Writing letters is a dying way of communication, however my residents would love to get to send and receive letters to/from people," said Executive Director Amanda Barron. "They have been quarantined to the community since mid-March and many would love this distraction and also provide them with a sense of responsibility to reply."

Anyone who is interested can mail a letter in.

"I am asking for them not to be made out to specific resident’s unless you already know them," Barron stated. "I want to make sure all the residents that are participating are included. We roughly have about 25 residents that are interested in this."

The facility is located on 1329 Brown Street in Waxahachie.

For additional information, contact (972) 366-6526 or go to https://www.capitalsenior.com/buffalocreek/contact-us/ .