A new #HachieHeart, donated by the Waxahachie Ex-Students Association, has been installed near Global High School.

The group shared its excitement in a Facebook post, "We are SUPER excited about the newest #HachieHeart which has been installed near Global High and the entrance to Chapman Park. This heart was sponsored by the Waxahachie Ex-Students' Association and painted by WHS Alumni Toby Stevenson who is a member of the Class of '79."

The project was started in October 2019 and was finished in March.

"It was more of a collaborative effort of the alumni association. We did it as a board. We’ve been looking at doing it for a few years but the opportunity came up to be located close to the high school or the stadium," said Carrie Lewis, board secretary of the Waxahachie Ex-Students Association.

The association turned to Facebook to ask alumni for opinions on the decoration of the heart, taking into consideration each comment.

"It’s a great thing for us. We’re getting ready to celebrate 60 years as an alumni association for Waxahachie," Lewis said.

According to its website, "The WHS Ex-Students Association continues to be the liaison between alumni and Waxahachie High."

For more information on the association, visit http://waxahachieexstudents.org/