Milford ISD is no stranger to the Orndoff family, who has had a heavy and impactful presence in the school district.

Vernon Orndoff, Superintendent of Milford ISD has been with the school district for three years, and this will be the second year he fills the position as the Superintendent.

"I was an administrator here in Florida and I wanted to get back to Texas cause my son, he lives in Waxahachie, he’s also a teacher," Orndoff said. "I started my career in Texas when I first got out of college and I chased the coaching dream around and basketball coaching. I ended up in Florida but I always wanted to return."

Ordoff was friends with the previous superintendent Don Clingenpeel for 12 years. He reached out to Clingenpeel when there was a position opened for principal in Milford three years ago.

"So I was the principal with the possibility of becoming the superintendent, if everything had worked out and moved in that direction," Orndoff stated. "The twins– Bobby, attend one high school, there colors were blue and white and Joey attended the other high school in Florida and their mascot was the bulldog. So when we transitioned to Mildofrd we were the blue and white bulldogs, so we kind of mixed the school colors and the school mascot together and brought our boys together with that."

Once Clinenpeel retired, the school board offered the superintendent position to Orndoff.

"They accepted us with open arms and embraced us and made us feel like we were a part of the family," Orndoff stated.

The school is pre-K through 12th grade. Orndoff says that the community is very tight knit.

"It’s very close and you hear the people state ‘well our school’s the heart and soul of our community.’ Well I can attest, coming from the outside that for the community, this school is the heartbeat and they are very supportive, they are very passionate about the success for the school and for every child," Orndoff said.

The school is made up of about 240-245 students.

Orndoff shared his favorite things about being a part of the Milford school community.

"Personally, being a dad and having your children go here and having the daily interaction with them. Professionally, as a superintendent, it's just working with the dynamic board. They reflect the community of having that passion and they trust that leadership and they trust the teachers in doing what’s right for our students. And they allow us to do our job with their support. I think that’s the cool piece," he said.

Additionally, Orndoff believes that the Milford community has impacted him more than he has impacted them.

"I believe that Mildford has had more of a positive impact on our family and has made us a better and closer family through their acceptance of us and just how they walk their daily lives. I’ve always tried to raise my children in the light, ‘you’re a small part of something bigger than yourself,’."

He believes that the school welcomed his children with open arms. Recently his twin boys, Joseph(Joey) and Bobby have graduated as seniors.

"Bobby is the president in his class and graduated number one in his class. His senior class brought leadership out of Bobby because they voted him President of his class, so because they had that trust in him they brought that leadership out in him and had him step out of his box. It was cool they saw that in him. So they developed him as a leader in their class," Orndoff shared. "For Joseph, he’s the sole long distance runner for Milford and was the only cross country runner for the past two years and only distance runner for the track team. Since he’s the only runner, he can wear a uniform, whatever singer he wants to wear. He said ‘Dad I want to wear the Milford jersey because I don’t wanna let our community down. I want them to know how much I appreciate their support,’."

Orndoff shared that he has adopted the philosophy from his mentor that states, "Do what’s right, do your best and treat others the way you want to be treated." He has brought this doctrine with him to Milford ISD.

"When I got into administration I adopted that school wide belief and I've adopted it in schools that I’ve had the opportunity to lead. So when I brought it to Milford, we adopted it," Orndoff explained. "So my children always knew the big three. Then my children when they got here, they actually were able to see that come alive, but it was the Milford students modeling it for my children."