Showbiz Cinemas Waxahachie will open their doors near the end of July, with an expansion in their building.

According to their website, “ShowBiz Cinemas Waxahachie will reopen bigger and better than ever as a signature bowling, movies and more! location this fall. In order to bring you the best entertainment experience as soon as possible, our Waxahachie location will remain closed while we complete an expansion and full refresh that will add 14 boutique bowling lanes, luxury recliner seating in all auditoriums, an improved upscale bar, a modern self-service concessions area, café, and a modern arcade with prize redemption room to Waxahachie’s home for entertainment.”

Jeremy Devine, vice president marketing & content of Showbiz Cinemas, shared details on the theater’s reopening.

“Everyday somebody’s stopping down at the theater and saying ’what’s going on? what’s going on?,’ and they’re all sort of mistaking the closure for COVID and it’s really about being refurbished,“ said Devine.

Devine clarified that the theater has not been closed because of COVID-19, but because the construction on the building was pushed back.

“We had opened our Houston and Oklahoma theater’s way back on May 18th. We’ve had some really interesting and effective safety protocols,” Devine said.

The theater will be refurbished and expand by 21,000 sq. ft.

For phase one, the theater will contain reclining seats, a new temporary lobby, enhanced sound systems in every auditorium, new floating giant screens and refurbished concessions.

Phase two will go into action around the end of the holidays, introducing a game arcade, a redemption room and bowling lanes.

Once they reopen, Devine expects the movie to offer new movies to their audience.

As for safety protocols, the cinema wants to assure the community they are taking extreme measures midst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re at 50 percent capacity. It’s cool because we can program that into out ticketing system and the way that works is that you can buy from one to five tickets for your family, and every other row of the theater is blocked out. So horizontally speaking every other row is blocked out,” Devine said. “So then when you buy one to five tickets, it automatically blocks out two seats on each side for your group. So definitely more than six feet of spacing in the auditorium.”

Employees will continue to wear gloves and masks. Their temperature will also be taken when they report to each shift. Customers are urged, but not required to wear a mask.

The cinema will also have one way flow in in and one way flow out designated from the auditoriums and there will be plexiglass in front of each cashier.

“We are doing a full 45 minutes, which is a huge amount of cleaning in between shows. That’s a lot more than usual and there’s hand sanitizer throughout the building,” Devine said. “And no two films start at the same times..and no two films end at the same time, so there’s not large congregations of people.”

Devine wants to clarify that things are subject to change, depending on the status of the pandemic near the end of July.

The cinema is located on 108 Broadhead Rd, Waxahachie. For additional information go to,