Italy resident James Johnson, has started a new T-shirt brand that aids first responders who have been in contact with Covid-19.

The T-shirt brand, United 50 States- 50 Hoods, is a brand that has a goal of bringing unity and solidarity through their clothes.

“I got a T-shirt company,” Johnson said. “My brand represents unity and solidarity between communities and law enforcement, black-on-black crimes. All of my T-shirts got very very powerful messages on them.”

He first began his company when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States.

“When the coronavirus hit, I created two awesome T-shirts. One of them is titled ‘United with Healthcare providers’ and an ‘X’ is on coronavirus,” Johnson explained.

Johnson recently visited New York City to personally give donations to first responders.

“I recently came from New York..because everyone knows New York was the hardest hit in America. So I went out there to make some donations,” Johnson shared. My brand, every time I sell a t-shirt, I will donate money to healthcare responders who have contacted the virus.”

His website states that donations are given from each purchase, “Please note that $2 from every, “Against Coronavirus” T-shirt will be donated and distributed equally to families of first responders and health care providers who have contracted coronavirus while trying to help save lives. Also, $3 from the sale of every “Against Coronavirus” hoodie will be applied in the same way as the T-shirts.”

Additionally he is grateful for the cooperation he has with Chase bank,“ Johnson said. “Every time I get a cashier’s check, Chase Bank will waive the $8 fee, as long as I get the cashier’s check to donate to first responders who have contacted coronavirus, while on the job trying to make a difference.”

For more information, visit the website at .