Waxahachie High School held a parade to celebrate their senior class of 2020, on May 19.

“We did the parade in an effort to find a way to honor our seniors. With COVID we have not been able to do a lot of the activities we normally would here at WHS to honor our seniors,” Principle Tonya Harris said. “We pushed the information out. We only had a short almost– a week and a half, two weeks to plan.”

Harris announced the event through a Facebook video on the WHS page. Additionally, the information of the parade was shared with parents and community members.

“And the community responded, both the educational community and the local community. Everybody came out. It looked as if we had a crowd similar to what you would see at a Christmas parade at Downtown Waxahachie,” Harris shared.

The staff believes about 75 percent of the seniors were present.

“The response was overwhelming. The Fire Department, I mean we’ve got to give a shout out to them. They brought to ladder trucks and held a banner that talked about how much we loved our WHS class of 2020,” Harris said.

Due to the positive response, the school has decided to make this a new tradition at WHS.

“If anything about the class of 2020, they have been all about starting new traditions.. It’s about startihng those new traditions at Waxahachie High School and the class of 2020 has done a remarkable job of starting those new traditions,” Harris exclaimed.