The Facebook page Waxahachie Art Stash & Dash was recently created to encourage community members to leave art pieces around the city.

Waxahachie resident Heidi Phillips is the creator of this page.

“I originally saw the idea from my friend in East TX who started it there. I also wanted to create it as a homage to my late grandmother Doris Phillips who was a local artist and a part of the Waxahachie Art Association for decades,” Phillips shared. “It worked itself in perfect with this strange time of social distancing and families being stuck at home together. I thought my son Caeden also needed something better to do than stare at a screen.”

Currently, the group has more than 300 members.

In the about section, the Facebook page stated, “Make a piece of art and hide it for someone else to find throughout Waxahachie. Upload a picture to the group for a hint of the location for the art seekers. Seekers: Once you have found the art please take a picture of yourself with it and tag #waxahachieart . ANY ART IS WELCOME paintings, candles, jewelry, ceramics, drawings, whatever you can come up with.”

“The outcome has amazed me. I was worried no one would want to join in but it's taken off overnight,” Phillips said. I'm finding so many people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy one commonality, the love of art whether as a creator or an admirer.“

Any form of art is welcomed. Phillips has created plenty of plant terrariums for community members to find.

“So far I've been sent pictures of mini paintings, terrariums, needle work, wood carvings, I'm currently working on a "floating" tea cup design. One lady has made a beautiful decorative wand that looks like it will be a hit. I love that there has been so many unique artworks that don't necessarily fit the traditional art mold,” Phillips exclaimed. “The success of the page has been much greater than I expected. In less than a week we have grown to nearly 300 members. We're hoping to continue our growth and include as many residents as possible.”

Additionally, Saturday May 23, Phillips will be hosting the first Mass Waxahachie Art Stash & Dash.

She has asked everyone in the group to hold on to their art pieces to make Saturday more exciting. However, anyone is welcome to stash art at any time.

“An important thing I want to mention is that I'd like the seekers to post pictures of the art they find and use the tag #waxahachieart on social media along with tagging the artist. I think it helps keep our local art community close as we move more into the digital age and promotes local artists as well,” Phillips said.

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