From March 23 to April 30, Red Oak ISD has served 53,056 free meals to the children in the community.

ROISD opened this program to ensure kids would have food during the COVID-19 pandemic. Twice a week, on Monday and Tuesday, there are three locations where kids can pick up their meals. These locations are at Russell P. Schupmann Elementary School, Red Oak Eastridge Elementary and at Red Oak Middle School sixth grade center.

“We are serving two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays. On each of those days, we are serving breakfast and lunch, for the rest of the week. Monday we’re serving Monday’s lunch, Tuesday’s breakfast/lunch and Wednesday’s breakfast lunch,” shared Victoria Ybarra, Director of Student Nutrition.

The Red Oak District will continue the feeding program until the end of May or unless stated otherwise.

“For the program we run through SFSP, we can feed any child 18 and under. It doesn't matter where they’re from,” Ybarra stated. “It doesn’t matter if they go to school at Red Oak or not, and of course they don’t even have to be in school to qualify for a meal. They don’t have to be free or reduced, either.”

Through the program, the meals include cold sandwich type meals, which Ybarra said seems like a safer option.

Additionally, the community has responded positively to the service, primarily shown through Facebook posts and comments on the ROISD Facebook page.