Ellis County resident Matina Rose created the Living Covida Loca Pic Contest event to invite the community in sharing their quarantine views.

Initially, Rose said she created this event because she felt that many people were going a bit stir crazy at home.

“I belong to a few different women’s groups and we’ve had some Zoom meetings and we’ve done things like that, but everybody is going a little stir crazy,” Rose said. “It just seemed like a fun thing to do, like ’show me what you’re looking at, Let’s make this a fun time’.”

Her Facebook post states, “Contest time! Take a picture from your porch, deck or the view from your favorite window and let us see what your Covida Loca looks like! Post on Facebook with #LivingCovidaLoca and tag Matina Rose from now to April 30! Then ask your friends to LIKE your post and whoever gets the most likes will be the winner and earn the title of Living the Best Covida Loca Life! (And dinner for two at a local Ellis County restaurant once this shelter at home is over!).”

The contest began last week. As of Monday afternoon, Rose said a couple of people had participated but she hoped more would join by the end of the day.

“Stay sane and keep your sense of humor. That’s what I try to do,” Rose said. “Not try to get in a funk about it. Just try to keep things light and fun.”