The Daymark Living residents have taken initiative and launched a campaign that will aid in reopening Poston Gardens for spring 2021.

The intent behind creating Poston Gardens, was to help Daymark residents with scholarships and funding opportunities. Last Spring, the garden had a successful opening, with thousands coming to visit.

Although Poston Gardens was able to open its doors this year, they had to close shortly after because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The garden had about 500,000 tulips left unpicked.

“I got shot down ten days into the tulip season, so staff and residents asked about next year and I’m like well “I’m not doing a next year,”,”shared John Poston, founder of Poston Gardens.

The campaign was launched March 26 and in less than 24 hours Daymark residents raised $12,000.

“John told all of us that he was shut down for the season and that there were still 500,000 tulips leftover,” shared Rosie Reichenstein, marketing director at Daymark Living. “All through quarantine our residents have been really focused on what everyone in the community is up to. Since the tulips were leftover our residents decided that they wanted to pass them out to members in the community.”

The residents delivered various tulips to small shops in Downtown Waxahachie. While they were passing out flowers, Poston shared that he would actually be closing the garden for good, due to lack of funds.

“When we got back and told the residents and staff, everyone was pretty heartbroken about it. It provides such a huge resource for Daymark, just from the job experience the residents get, the awareness that goes into the special need community and just the opportunity it provides for future Daymark residents,” Reichenstein elaborated.

After the news was shared, the residents decided that they wanted to help save Poston Gardens. “Our residents and our staff decided that this is kind of our chance to give back to John who’s really done so much for us,” said Reichenstein.

In order to open the garden for the 2021 Spring year, the residents are aiming to raise $300,000 by Sept. 2020. To have colorful tulips , the planting has to start in the fall to guarantee blooms in the spring.

Currently, the residents have raised just over $30,000.

“Since day one, John.. has been dedicated to provide opportunities for not only his son Michael but for all adults or individuals with special needs,” Reichenstein shared admirably. “He’s been a great supporter throughout the years and he’s just done so much to us. This is a time to give back to a man who has given a whole lot..If we can help continue his vision, I think it would be a great moment for us.”

For more information or to donate to the campaign and #SavePostonGardens , visit .

“They[The residents] are blown away. Everytime we reach a milestone, there's a big wave of gratefulness. They kind of all put their heads together on what’s the next ting we can do to reach the next milestone. They’re all so proud of what they’re inspired others to do,” said Reichenstein.