On April 7, the Felty Elementary School Staff participated in a parade to lift the spirits of their students.

In a Facebook post, Felty Elementary stated, “We miss you! Enjoy the Felty Staff parade! Starting at 2 p.m., Tuesday April 7. Watch from the comfort and safety of your home.”

The Facebook post stated that 30 cars would be present in the parade and that the teachers were excited to see their students.

Christy Hammer, a parent, witnessed the parade with her child. “The Felty Elementary teachers and staff drove through all the neighborhoods over by Garden Valley Ranch. I’m not sure where else they drove through. They were honking their horns to get everyone’s attention to come outside, they were waving and had all of their vehicles decorated and music playing. It was very exciting and all of the kids were sitting outside waving back,” she shared.

The parade went through the neighborhoods of Park Place, Indian Hills, Bridgepoint, Karsyn Heights, Buffalo Ridge, Memory lane, Garden Valley neighborhoods, Spring Creek and Spring Creek Grove.

“It brightened everyone’s day,” Hammer said. “It was very sweet of them to do this. It definitely lifted our spirits.”

Many community members left comments on the Facebook post thanking the staff for their commitment to the students.