On April 13, the cleaning company, AdvantaClean, volunteered their time to sanitize the vehicles used by first responders in Ellis County.

“We set up our units and cleaned..18 police units in Waxahachie, 3 police units for Ellis County and 5 fire units,” shared Jimmy Brown, the vice president of AdvantaClean.

For almost half a day on Monday, the local business had volunteers clean first responder vehicles, sanitizing them from any germs they may have carried.

AdvantaClean is a company that offers mold removal and is known for sanitizing and decontamination of cars and houses.

According to their page, “AdvantaClean maintains a full suite of offerings for residential, commercial, institutional, and governmental properties that make these buildings clean, safe, healthy, and efficient for the occupants. Offerings include essential services like emergency water removal, mold removal, and air duct cleaning.” They have one of their many franchises located in Ellis County.

“For our first responders, we wanna make sure we take care of them and make sure they don’t get sick and go home and get their family sick,” Brown said.

The first responders replied with thankfulness for the act of kindness.

“They were really glad we did that for them. To help protect the police officers of course,” Brown said. The main thing is to help protect our first responders, so they don’t take it[COVID-19] home.