A Facebook page has been created to “Adopt a Senior in Ellis County,” with the intention to encourage and lift the spirits of the students.

The page currently has 2,600 members.

Their Facebook page states, “When you choose to adopt a senior, you can send them a card, gift basket, balloons, flowers, senior items (shirt, blanket, etc...), goodies, etc.... It does not have to be expensive, just something to encourage and let your adopted senior know that you recognize their hard work and efforts . You can always mail items, but the benefit of keeping this group local, is that you can do porch drop offs for your senior, as well. You can choose how often and what you want to give. It is the. thought that counts

In order to qualify, all seniors in this group have to be graduating from a school in Ellis County, such as: Avalon, Ennis, Ferris, Italy, Maypearl, Midlothian HS, Midlothian Heritage, Milford, Ovilla Christian, Palmer, Red Oak, Waxahachie Advantage Academy, Waxahachie Global, Waxahachie HS, and Waxahachie Life School.

“Our seniors have lost so much this year. If you would like to adopt one to let them know you’re cheering for them, please join this group on Facebook. All seniors must be graduating from a school in Ellis County. A senior can be adopted by more than one person. More information on the group page. I didn’t start this group, but it’s a great ideal!” community member, Ruby Harris shared in a post.

To join the group, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/2872907002788128 .