The Salvation Army in Ellis County is offering their services to the people of the Ellis County community in this time of need.

“The two services we have open right now for emergencies are our food pantry.. and then we have our utility assistance,” shared Lt. Robert Coriston, from the Salvation Army in Ellis County.

The food pantry is currently available through drive-thru, where cars can drive up and honk their horns for service. The food pantry is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They recently limited the availability of the pantry because the demand was very high.

“Yesterday we did 151 families. We’ve always had an emergency food pantry but it was kind of for legitimate emergencies, it was not our most prevalent program we had. When we turned it into this drive-thru pantry, you could see that the need is there,” Coriston explained.

Additionally, the utility assistance they are offering is to help community members pay their utility bills. Utility aid is available Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

During the pandemic, United Way and Trinity Church in Waxahachie have been a big help to the organization. Trinity Church recently hosted a food drive for the organization.

“The Salvation Army, we are getting prepared for waves of this. Right now the immediate is making sure people have a roof over their heads, utilities and food in their stomachs. We’re preparing for the second and third waves of what comes,” Coriston shared.

Although they may not be helping with rent bills now, they are preparing for the next wave that COVID-19 will cause the community.

“We’re pleading with the community. We can really use the support not just with food and paper product donations but monetary donations, so we can keep it going and be prepared,” Coriston said.

The Salvation Army is also continuing to aid people that are without a home during these trying times.

“With people in Ellis County. The difficult problem is that when they do become homeless here, we offer them transportation to give them a ride to one of our shelters,” Coriston stated. “I wish there was more we could do here. It’s really hard to get a shelter in Ellis County, even an emergency shelter.”

According to Coriston, their shelters currently have beds set up six ft. apart and are giving residents extra meals, since many are staying quarantined.

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