The live portion of the Ellis County Youth Expo’s Livestock Show may have been canceled, but young exhibitors are still able to connect with buyers online.

The stock show, hugely popular among FFA and 4-H members in the county, was scheduled for last week but was called off last month because of the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 16, the Youth Expo’s board of directors and its standing committee heads determined that canceling the show was their only recourse.

Youthful sellers received a second blow as well when the massive Houston Livestock Show, the largest in the world, was abruptly suspended.

However, the Ellis Youth Expo has settled upon a way to give youth the chance to sell their prize animals where before, an opportunity would have been missed.

A “Virtual Sale of Champions,” that is intended to maintain the spirit of the annual sale and to be fair to all entered exhibitors, is underway to help those who missed their opening to make a sale, Livestock Show Committee chairman Casher Dowell said. The online sale will continue through April 17.

“We will have an online sale … for buyers to help exhibitors who didn’t get a chance,” Dowell said last week.

A market sale catalog is available on the internet at .

Highlights of the online sale include:

• All exhibitors who entered the Market Animal show had the option to enter “ONE” of their entries to the sale.

• Sale prices are set: Steers - $3,500, Hogs - $750, Goats - $750, Lambs - $750, Broilers - $250, and Rabbits - $250.

• The sale is terminal to those entered. Those lots not “sold” will floor and floor proceed will be pooled.

• Exhibitors will be contacted for disposition information.

• Buyers can option to keep (excluding Broilers and Rabbits) and the ECYE will arrange for the animal to be made available for pick-up OR delivered to one of the designated packers.

• Buyers not optioning to keep – are essentially giving back to the buyers fund – where they will be floored and that money will be pooled.

• There is an option to contribute directly to the pool.

• All proceeds are pooled and will be distributed equally pro rata per species based on the overall pool funds.

• The Youth Expo will not be taking any commission from sales.

Additionally, the Youth Expo’s rodeo will be rescheduled for June 5-6 along with related activities, Dowell announced.