Paul Gauntt

Our president alluded to the possibility of our "pent up" economy during this virus plague, being unleashed with the velocity of a sling shot when everything opens back up.

That thought reminds me of fasting. Have you ever fasted? Either for spiritual reasons, or you had the stomach flu, which lasted for days. In either case, when it's all over, and you sit down to that first meal of steak and fries, your taste buds just go crazy with euphoria!

Now, with this same thought in mind, how about the "pent up" church? Since early March, we've had to resort to ministry by phone - social media, or saying "hi" to folks walking down the street. Otherwise, we've been pent up in the house, watching the grim news until we become weary and depressed enough to change channels and binge-watch the Virginian and the Waltons. That is, unless we braved conditions and went to the grocery store, which has been like a walk through the Stepford Wives movie or Night of the Living Dead.

SO HOW IS THAT FIRST SERVICE BACK AT CHURCH GOING TO BE? I get goose pimples just thinking about it! It's going to be a service - possibly the likes of which we haven't seen in a long time - if ever. We just don't know how to appreciate something, until it's taken away.

Right now, during that first service back, I'm strongly considering just staking wireless microphones around the sanctuary and up in the balcony, and asking our people to tell us what God has taught them during this pandemic. After five or six weeks of hiatus, I think the pent up church will unleash - and it will be a sling shot heard around the world! I can hardly wait.