On the evening of March 31, residents from Ellis County took part in an event called Prayer on the Porch, as they came together for prayer.

“I wanted to show love and support to all those whom are ill, tired, scared and lost.. God is good and can heal through his praise, these doctors are tired, our nurses are tired and those inside are scared. It was just a reminder of faith, hope and love,” Organizer, Mistty Sacharko shared.

Originally, the plan had been to have people meet in their cars at a hospital parking lot, just like many have done all over the nation. However, according to Sacharko, that plan was not approved. Instead, she came up with an alternative plan to have everyone gather and pray on their porch at the same time, in unity.

“Tomorrow night 6:45 p.m. everyone stand on your porch and prayer for ALL ELLIS COUNTY doctors, nurses, nursing homes, hospitals, urgent care, those whom are ill as well as our truck drivers!!! Let’s let our friends, family members and community know we care and are all praying together,” Sacharko stated in her Facebook post.

According to the page, 331 people participated in the event from their porches.

“Over 400 people were interested in this event, 331 attended and 153 people shared the event. Many people posted pics of their family praying either in the event post or on their personal page,” Sacharko said.

The original plan to go to the hospitals has been postponed and may be rescheduled for sometime in the future.

“We hope to have Prayer on the Porch each month until this passes and we can rejoice,” Sacharko stated.