My screen time is way up. I mean way up. I went down early this morning (I’m writing this on Monday) and grabbed the rest of my commentaries from the office before anyone else came in (carried the Lysol with me and used it like a weapon). We are running a skeleton crew at the church. We are open, the front doors are locked but people can call and the church secretary is there along with a few others that are in and out and have to be on the campus to do at least some of their work.

I’ve been social distancing at home, venturing over to record the sermon in the empty sanctuary along with the Blonde who is a great camera person and over all helper. This has become our new routine.

Our dining room table (my new desk) now looks like a LifeWay bookstore blew up on it and this old, tired pastor has become even more cynical (really - but not really) during this lock down season but I’m not sure why - I think it’s spiritual more than anything. Community withdrawal maybe? Some guilt that I’d like to be ministering more face to face?

I was waiting for the president to extend the social distancing thing but when I saw the headline I was pretty bummed out. It’s not like I go anywhere most days. From the parsonage back door to the front door of the church office is probably about 20 yards and I make that trip 6 days a week. It’s probably more of a psychological thing right? I’m also competitive and probably just don’t like being told no. We are all a little rebellious but staying in place matters right now and we should all want to be a good neighbor.

We have been out cruising in the Mini Cooper (top up) and the little route we take includes the golf course that I get to play for free at because I’m an ordained minister of the Gospel (at least that’s what the IRS calls me). While I’m a homebody I do enjoy a couple of free rounds of golf a week during the spring and summer. The sun has been out as well and I’m unable to work on my tan (I do love me some Vitamin D) while working on my short game (don’t feel sorry for me - my golf game has not gotten better in 40 years).

These are really first world problems. Hanging out at home with my best friend is a petty good gig that I get to enjoy for another month. God, just like He says in Romans 8:28 is using this for my good. What I’m saying is there is transformation going on in my life, the fog is lifting in some areas and I’m seeing some things clearly (spiritual speaking). Relationships in new, creative and innovative ways are being built. In that sense, I’m thankful for this time but wondering what’s on the other side of the Corona Virus. No doubt we will have a new normal. Things will be different in a lot of ways, some good, some not so good.

Obviously we are losing people. They are getting sick and dying. Families and friends are going to have to get along without them. Very sad, people matter, every life matters. If I have to miss some golf, stay pale, preach to an empty room a little bit longer in order to potentially save lives it is totally worth it. Hang in there, God is for you and so am I. He told me to tell you that.