Vance Hinds kicked off the first annual Vance’s Challenge, on March 4, to motivate community members to come together and lose weight.

Hinds is widely known for his massive weight loss from Nov. 2017 to Nov. 2018, in which he lost 277 pounds in one year. Hinds went from weighing 475 pounds to weighing 365 pounds.

The documentation of his process became an inspiration throughout the year, and many people in the Waxahachie area began to come out and join him on his walks outside.

Since losing 277 pounds, Hinds continues to do Diamond Dallas Page(DDP) yoga workouts throughout the week.

Hinds shared his motivation for creating the challenge.

“A couple of reasons. One is that I’ve kinda stalled in my weight loss and I’ve gained some back.. so I would like to kick start my weight loss journey again,” Hinds said. “I weighed 293 yesterday, so I’d like to get into 200.” The second reason is because of the election.”

Hinds ran for judge of  Ellis County Court at Law No. 3. He wanted to start the day after the election because if he won he would be motivated to go and celebrate in this challenge but if he didn’t win, he would have something to participate in, turning something negative into something positive. Joe Gallo was elected as the Republican nominee — and de facto winner — of the new judgeship in Ellis County Court at Law No. 3.

“I’ve got about a three foot tall trophy that says Vance's Challenge 2020 male champion and female champion, and I have one in blue and red and on top is a king and queen.”

Now, the challenge he is directing is for people who want to lose an extensive amount of weight. The first man who loses 100 pounds and the first woman who loses 50 pounds, will be the winners of the challenge.

So far, 219 people have joined the Facebook group but not all are participating. In order to qualify for this challenge, participants must start on March 4 or after the date, so any progress achieved before then does not count.

Chase Greene from the Dallas area, is currently participating in Hind’s challenge, to be the first competitor to lose 100 pounds. He was a recent winner of the Positively Unstoppable challenge that DDP sponsors. After one year, Greene lost 168 pounds.

“The reason I joined Vance’s Challenge is truthfully because I love the guy. Vance is one of my dearest friends and I look to him for encouragement and advice all the time,” Greene shared. “I also do hope that being in another challenge will motivate me to push myself hard this year. My goal for 2020 is to lose 150 pounds.”

The challenge will end when the first person loses the weight required, for both categories. To join the challenge or watch transformations, go to