A new German Shepherd rescue organization has made its way to Ellis County, known as the German Shepherd Rescue of Texas.

This rescue officially launched on Feb. 4, with founders Craig Hensley and his wife, Kristin Hensley. The couple have four German Shepherds of their own, and a background in fostering.

Molly was the first dog the couple rescued from the DFW German Shepherd rescue. They then accumulated their other dogs Milo, Moe and Zozo, after falling in love with the German Shepherd breed.

On their Facebook page, they shared that each of their dogs has a “job.”

Molly is the Evaluator, she goes with Hensley from shelter to shelter to behavior test other dogs.

Milo’s job is to teach new recruits or foster dogs, that the world is not 'so' scary, as stated in her introduction on Facebook.

Moe is in charge of getting the fosters to play and find their puppy in them.

Zozo is said to be the “unofficial” Foster Mom. The Facebook post introducing Zozo said: “They also call me the “unofficial” Foster Mom, something about how I keep the new fosters in line learning manners, but also when they are sick or hurt I tend to kiss all over them and make sure they get to feeling better quick.”

In 2019, the couple fostered and gave homes to 27 dogs. They currently have three foster homes, for the dogs they save from shelters. Each of the foster dogs that come through the rescue will be placed in an approved foster home.

Additionally, they have people that have mentioned an interest in volunteering with the organization.

“We only take dogs in from shelters, our primary focus, our mission is to help German Shepherds in high kill low-traffic areas,” Hensley said.

According to Hensley, there are cities all around that tend to have the animal shelter at the bottom of the list, in terms of funding.

"The result is facilities that are then understaffed and under resourced. Many of the staff have the biggest of hearts and do the very best they can. But at a certain point they must EU a dog typically for these reason and in this order, if the dog is mortally wounded or ill, if the dog is people aggressive, if the dog has been at the shelter for an extended period of time and is starting to deteriorate, with no traffic or interest and last if they need the room," Hensley said. "This is why it is vitally important for rescues like GSRTX to get support and bring awareness. The more involved we can get the public the more dogs we can save because currently we are their biggest advocates."

The rescue's goal for 2020 is to save and give home to 50 dogs. They currently have six dogs that they are fostering and hope to give homes to.

“I’ve got three or four in the Ellis County SPCA right now that I would love to be able to pull, but I just don’t have the space for them, and I don’t have enough foster homes.”

For more information and to see the dogs available for adoption, visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GSRescueTX .