Coming Fall 2020, Navarro College will be introducing esports to their students across the district.

"The esports industry is larger than the movie and music industry combined and will allow Navarro College to be on the forefront of higher ed adoption and integration. Across the district, Navarro College will have career tracks that support the esports industry," according to a press release.

Additionally, the Cosciana campus will have a NJCAA sponsored collegiate team and will compete in games identical to other athletic teams. The Waxahachie, Midlothian and Mexia campuses will all have club esport teams that will compete on a recreational level.

To launch the program, the college is using funds that have been donated from the Community National Bank, Trust of Texas and the Navarro College Foundation. Raven White is set to be the new head coach over the program, including the club teams.

At the Corsicana campus, two classrooms in the Computer Science Building will be renovated and be transformed into the Navarro ESPORTS Complex. Competitions will be held here, with state-of-the-art gaming equipment, shoutcast and streaming booths and a common area where people can come and watch the competition on the monitors.

In a press release, Dr. Kevin G. Fegan, Navarro College District President said, “I would like to thank Community National Bank and the Navarro College Foundation for their support and investing in the startup of this program. The vision of Navarro College is to be nationally recognized as a higher education institution committed to providing innovative career pathways and student-centered learning opportunities.. The esports program is future-oriented and positions Navarro College to be a leader in this arena locally and globally.”

They are also looking to work with Laurie Mosely at the Waxahachie CVB to bring an esports tournament to Ellis County.