Ellis County weather man, Kevin Crouch, has received immense support from the community, after sharing his concern for a new work computer.

Crouch uses his computer to keep the county updated with the latest weather information online. He makes it his responsibility that everyone knows what is happening in the area. However, he said he needs an updated computer to upgrade the way he brings the weather news to the community.

On the Ellis County Weather Facebook page, Crouch wrote:

“Ellis County Weather is on the brink of a new era. With our 5-Year anniversary coming up and Severe Weather Season right around the corner, I am upgrading the way I bring you severe weather coverage to you. That will require a new, stronger computer that can run a better live stream, and that's where I need your help! I'm asking you to pitch in so I can afford to put together the kind of computer I'll need to show you radar in a bigger and better way when severe weather strikes. I hope you can join my efforts to revolutionize the way Ellis County Weather keeps you prepared and informed!”

Crouch created a GoFundMe page after people mentioned the idea to him. The goal on the page was set to $1,000, but that was surpassed. The total as of Friday afternoon was $1,140.

“We’ve already hit the goal, and the donations are still coming in,” Crouch stated in the live stream. “So it’s just incredible what you guys have done.”
Crouch said he will be using these funds to purchase new technology that will allow him to provide clearer, more effective severe weather coverage.
“When dangerous weather strikes, I want to make sure that what viewers see is as visually clear as possible, and I think what is coming soon will make it easier for viewers - especially those watching on small screens like phones - to see what is happening in their communities,” Crouch shared. “I’ll be using a PC that can run streaming software that allows me to provide a clearer and more visually appealing picture. It will help with presentation more than accuracy or timeliness.”

Crouch has been serving Ellis County since Oct. 15, 2015, with his Facebook page. He has 15,000 followers and more than 14,000 likes.

The biggest storm Crouch covered occurred on Oct. 20, 2019, when a supercell thunderstorm created two tornadoes. One impacted Midlothian and the other Ferris.

“I broadcasted as the storm moved through, then took a break, then was back on Facebook live as I covered the line of storms that moved through later that night,” Crouch said. “The tornado that hit Midlothian was never warned, so it caught many there by surprise. It was gratifying to hear from some in that area that my live stream alerted them to that storm’s arrival.”

In response to the live stream, community members left comments thanking Crouch for all he does for the community. One person stated this was the beginning of a new era for the page.