The Dinah Weable Foundation donated $15,000 to the Dinah Weable Indigent Mammogram Fund on Feb. 28, in front of the Sammons Cancer Center.

The Dinah Weable Indigent Mammogram fund is a partnership between the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center and the Weable Foundation. This fund provides women with free mammograms at the Medical Center, from donations gathered by the Weable Foundation.

The Weable foundation takes the donations raised from the previous year and donates all to the fund.

“In 2019 our funds paid for over 150 mammograms,” said Dinah Weable, breast cancer survivor and leader of the Weable Foundation. “One thousand three hundred and fifty mammograms we’ve paid for since 2007 right here in Ellis County and that is amazing. We could not do it without the Fire Fighters support, Baylor Hospital’s support and many many others that donated.”

President of the Baylor Scott and White Medical Center in Waxahachie, Will Turner, appreciates the donations from the Weable Foundation.

“It’s such a wonderful service for the community. It’s part of our mission to help those that need it,” Turner stated.

Baylor Scott & White donates $5,000 yearly, to the Weable Foundation in support of their fundraising events. The funds go towards the mammogram funding, supporting women in Ellis county.