The boys of the Original Gentlemen Squad or OG Squad of Coleman Junior High are making sure their friend and schoolmate who passed away in January is not forgotten.

The group’s annual OG Squad Business Dinner, which takes place in March, was renamed the Spencer Nobles Business Dinner in memory of the popular 15-year-old who died from a gunshot wound.

“I'm honored that they cared enough to make sure his memory continues,” said Delecia Nobles, Spencer’s mother.

The teen’s aunt, Lanishia Gardner, expressed a fondness for the mentorship program.

“We love the organization as a movement, and, as a family, we think it's awesome,” Gardner shared.

The boys came up with the idea on their own to rename the dinner after their friend, said Ryan Essl, an English teacher and the mastermind behind the program.

“The OGs decided to name it after Spencer since it was his favorite event of the year,” Essl explained. “He was so excited about it coming up again.”

The first Spencer Nobles Business Dinner kicks off with pomp and pageantry on March 3 inside the school’s cafeteria, which will be decorated like an Italian bistro.

“The boys will walk in down a red carpet all dressed up,” Essl revealed.

Just like last school year’s dinner, some 25 to 30 local businessmen will be in attendance to teach about 30 students some important life skills, including how to introduce themselves to others, tie a necktie, give a firm handshake and conduct appropriate small talks.

Each OG will be presented with a New York Times bestselling autobiography - The Pact: Three Young Black Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream. The book tells the true story of three young black men who promise each other they would escape the violence and of their inner-city community by graduating from college and becoming doctors.

Spencer’s relatives, Royce Massey and Quincy Massey, who spearhead the Worthy Movement, will also be in attendance. They were guest speakers at a Squad meeting in February.

The Worthy Movement, based in Waxahachie, is described as “a non-profit organization that utilizes biblical and life lessons to ensure young adults have the opportunity to pursue dreams outside of their comfort zone.”

The business dinner “was an amazing event last year,” Essl remembered. “The boys are excited.”