In 2008, the Lord called me to start Ellis County Honor Flight. Recall, this volunteer organization took Ellis County World War II veterans on an all-expenses paid tour of Washington D.C. They were brought primarily to visit their newly constructed memorial.

It became our mission to bring our first flight of veterans to D.C. on election day. This was going to be an enormously difficult task because that meant we only had nine weeks to accomplish everything.

First, we needed to form a board of directors. I prayed about it. The Lord told me to go to see the 12 busiest and most patriotic people I knew. Joe Gallo was at the top of my list.

I knew he had a passion and love for our nation, our flag, and our soldiers. Without any hesitation, Joe came right aboard. People told our group over and over that there was no way that we could raise $73,000 to make the trip possible. They were right. We raised $80,000.

Joe Gallo, I want you to know something. I thank God for you and your undying dedication for our veterans. I have seen World War II veterans break down and literally cry over the affect that you had

on their lives.

I remember in Washington D.C. I was talking with 3 veterans and Joe was on the other side pushing a veteran in a wheelchair as he could not walk. The veteran that I was talking to turned to me with a

tear in his eye turned to me and said, "Greg, I thought that everyone had forgot what we done." With his voice choking and shaking from crying he then paused and said, "Greg, this makes me proud to be an American."

Another said, "Look at Joe Gallo go. I think that he Is excited as we are to be here." I said, "I promise you he is." Please join me in voting for a true patriot- Joe Gallo for Judge, Ellis County Court at Law #3.

From my heart,

Greg Compton/Waxahachie