Campuzano Mexican Food in Waxahachie is not permanently closed despite a headline on the restaurant’s Facebook page on Monday that it was, the restaurant’s manager confirmed.

“We’re actually in a holding process while the architect comes up with a design to put all that back,” Manager Jimmy Case said. “We are trying to make it a positive opportunity. We’ll make the kitchen larger.”

The popular Tex-Mex cuisine chain at 2167 N US Highway 77 has been closed since Feb. 9 after a fire caused damages to the kitchen.

“Our insurance company and construction company have been very proactive. They were there the next day after the fire,” Case assured.

The manager added that he is also working with the city and utility companies to get the architectural design approved.

“We would love to start construction today, but we don’t necessarily have that ability because everyone else gets to look at it,” he explained. “Because it’s an older building, they may want to evaluate that we’re up to code on everything or if there are changes we may need to make.”

The two-story building, first built as a house, is close to 100 years old, Case said.

Some of the eatery's longterm employees have been transferred to other Campuzano locations. Case estimates it will be another two months before it is reopened.

The headline indicating the business was closed for good has since been removed. Case said the error was made while the person who manages the page was trying to note it was temporarily closed.

“Campuzano is a staple in our community, and the city looks forward to working with them in their re-opening process,” said Amy Borders, a Waxahachie spokesperson.