Life School will be holding their second annual Sodexo’s Future’s Chefs competition on Feb. 28.
The school is working to change the statistics of high obesity rates in young people and they’re starting with their students.
“One way we are doing so is by teaching our students about the importance of making healthy food choices. And we are trying to make it fun!” said a post on their school website.
Last spring, Sodexo, who is the food service provider for all of the campuses, hosted the Future Chefs challenge. The challenge was to make a kid-friendly dish that represented the student’s family, filling in the blanks:
Mom likes to make_______.
Grandma likes to make________.
“The Future Chefs event encourages students to get interested in healthy eating by getting them in the kitchen and preparing a meal from scratch,” said Sodexo General Manager, Krista Courtney.
This challenge included fourth, fifth and sixth-graders. They were paired with an employee from Sodexo, which removed any dangerous aspects of the recipe for safety precautions.
Last year, Courtney shared her thoughts of the competition, “Future Chefs is something Sodexo does around the country and we are excited to be able to bring this to Life School this first year," she added. "Next year we hope to open it up to more students. This year we kept it small so we could get things right.”
This year, the challenge will be to "recreate your favorite lunch." The event is from 4 to 6 p.m at Life High School Waxahachie.