The Greenery held their two-day live auction from Feb. 14 to Feb. 15, with more than  300 people coming from various places to place a bid.

Throughout the weekend, they sold many items, from trees to fountains.

“It’s an absolute auction. There’s no minimum bid. We sell trees, plants, pottery, etc..,” said Ruth Shugart, employee of the nursery for 15 years. “This is a destination auction where people come from all over the area, from far away as Rockwall.”

Scott Green, owner of The Greenery, was the licensed auctioneer leading the event. He had help from staff to make sure every bid was seen and that they remained on track.

As Green led the auction outside, his wife and co-owner Deborah Green, was inside handling the technical side of things. She and a small crew were in charge of making sure the bids were written down and the name of the bidder was placed.

For more than 17 years, this auction has been held. The nursery usually sells from 900 to 1,000 lot items. This year they sold over 700 lots.

“So we did the first auction to get rid of older merchandise and it went so well, we just improved on it over the years,” Green said. “We sometimes bring stuff in just to put it into the auction.”

To prepare for the auction, Deborah Green shared that they start cleaning two to three weeks in advance. They made flyers to get the word out, awaiting the big event.

Three times a year, The Greenery hosts the live auction to clear out their inventory in preparation for the upcoming season. The first is held near the beginning of the year, the second is held around July 4th and the third is held around Halloween time.

“They[customers] come cause they know they can get good deals and we treat our customers, each one special,” Shugart said.

Snacks and drinks were provided for those that attended on Friday and lunch was provided for those that attended Saturday.

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