The STEM Girls Club at Wedgeworth Elementary hosted an animal supply donation drive for the "Streets to Sheets" Animal Rescue.

After reading "Sofia Valdez, Future Prez" during STEM club, the idea for a donation drive came about.

Claudia Gutierrez, a third-grade, dual-language teacher at Wedgeworth, is one of the leaders of the club.

“The book is about a young girl that stands up for what she believes in and teaches readers that you can make a difference even if you’re young,” Gutierrez said. “After this, the girls decided they wanted to do something to help others.”

The drive ran from Jan. 8-31. The items listed for donation were: blankets, paper towels, puppy pads, disinfecting wipes and puppy treats.

The girls made colorful posters to attract attention and they were filled with the information needed for the drive. They filled boxes with the items donated to deliver to the shelter.

Every item delivered counted as a house point for the students. In total, the girls were able to donate 188 items to "Streets to Sheets."

Gutierrez spoke with campus administrators for permission to use the donation drive as part of their monthly house challenge, in order to hopefully have more items donated. They agreed.

“We hope that early exposure to STEM activities will help plant seeds that a career in STEM is a possibility for them,” Gutierrez said. “Through the STEM activities they learn to look at problems through a creative lens and work in teams to find solutions.”

"Streets to Sheets" is an animal rescue that is volunteer based. They encourage options of fostering and adoption.

Their model is: rescue, rehab, re-home and repeat. The rescue is located at 104 Cathy Lane.