Six Life School elementary campuses came together for the District Science Fair that took place at Red Oak Elementary on Feb. 7.

Poster boards lined the room, as students from third- through sixth-grade piled in.

Presentations began at 9 a.m., with one student from each grade demonstrating at a time. They presented to two judges, as they were questioned about their presentation and why they chose the topic.

Before the district competition, each school started off with their own science fair, judging and examining the projects the students had created. Then, they sent the top three contenders to compete on the district level.

Fifth-grader Connor Dacey has been a participant of the science fair for several years.

“I was in third grade and I won my first round, but I lost my second. And then in fourth grade, I won both rounds and then lost the district,” Dacey said. “And now in this grade I am hoping I will win the district.”

He said he plans on participating again next year.

The science fair started about six years ago, according to Melissa Brown, curriculum coordinator for science. Every student from Life School is expected to participate in the science fair in some way.

Kindergarten through second grade do in-class assignments, while third through sixth grades come up with a concept to prove and present.

Brown shared her favorite part of the Science fair, “If I had to pick one it would be watching the students present because they are so nervous when they start but then when they’re done they’re like ‘Oh that was not bad, that was easy,'."

This year was the first year sixth-graders were allowed to do a STEM challenge, instead of a science fair project. They were allowed to work individually or in a group of three. The students worked on a STEM challenge, trying to find a solution through an engineering design process.

There were three winners in each grade, excluding sixth grade, which only recognized first place.

In third place, for third grade, Mia Chavez from Life School Carrollton. In second place, Princeton Pritchett from Life School Lancaster. In first place, Dallas Montgomery from Life School Cedar Hill.

In third place, for fourth grade, Karasta Johnson from Life School Lancaster. In second place, Micah Moseley from Life School Carrollton. In first place, Serenity Pickett -Life School Mt. Creek

In third place, for fifth grade, Morgan Coleman from Life School Lancaster. In second place, Alyanna Velazquez from Life School Mt. Creek. In first place, Xiromi Serrano from Life School Mt. Creek.

In first place, for sixth grade, the winners were: Ja’Darion James, Wesley Keriuki and Gaberiel McMillan from Life School Cedar Hill.

“At the level we are at for the district science fair, I am just so thankful for the support from so many levels,” Brown said. “I could not do this by myself.”