I have known Joe Gallo for nearly 20 years and have seen work as a prosecutor, as an attorney for people charged with crimes and in his role as City Judge of Waxahachie.

In all of these roles, Joe has demonstrated a remarkable work ethic and a strict adherence to doing what is right. He is efficient, willing to invest the time needed to be the best attorney and judge possible, and genuinely concerned for the well-being of the people involved.

Joe Gallo is uniquely qualified for the position of judge for Ellis County Court at Law #3 and will be my choice on Election Day.

Curtis Williams/Waxhachie


Letter: Perry has done great job

Paul Perry is my County Commissioner. If you live in Precinct 3, he’s your commissioner, too. And how fortunate we are.

A lifelong resident of Ellis County, Paul is a local business owner, a family man, and a fiscal and social conservative. Add to that his straight-talking style and strong sense of honor, and you have a man who gets things done. Not only has he fought against tax rate increases and frivolous budget item proposals, he has also been a persistent watchdog, upgrading county roads and curtailing the dumping of human and industrial waste as fertilizer on county farmland. He takes a stand for sensible spending of our tax dollars and for our personal constitutional rights. Paul expects and inspires the best out of his county employees and the benefits are passed on to us.

I like the job Paul is doing as County Commissioner. He has worked tirelessly for our community for decades. No one knows the needs of Precinct 3 better than he does. Big things — and more people — are flooding into Ellis County. We need a commissioner with the institutional knowledge and forward-thinking wisdom to protect what we have and grow conservatively. Paul has a proven record doing just that and I encourage you to re-elect him.

Kimberly Koelzer, Waxahachie