“Sometimes the best of us misspeak or get our facts scrambled, and I did it big time when I applauded the Ellis County Commissioners Court for making this county a sanctuary for the unborn. I still congratulate the Court for this bold action, but my statement said that our right to life comes from the Declaration of Independence when I meant to say that it comes from our Creator as stated in the Declaration.

I have known all of my adult life and have said on many occasions that our rights, and the right to life, in particular, come from God, not government, not people, not any document. We are endowed with the right to life from the moment of conception by an omnipotent and benevolent God who knows and loves us even in the womb.

The mistake may seem small, but the distinction is important, and I regret the error. We as people may argue about many things, but there really should be no argument about our right to life and from whom it comes. For those needing further clarification, let me direct you to the American Declaration of Independence.”

Congressman Ron Wright’s previous statement was published on Feb. 4., a week after the Ellis County Commissioners’ Court voted to pass a resolution declaring Ellis County to be a sanctuary for the unborn.