Lake Waxahachie's Spring Park at 501 Lakeshore Dr. is boasting a facelift after the recent completion of some well-needed renovations, city officials confirmed.

“The upgrades include added parking, new improved concrete parking area and dock, new fencing, landscaping and more,” the city explained. “These new improvements are a welcome change and a vast improvement from the previous park amenities.”

The park is among other city parks that have been renovated in recent years, including Lee Penn and Getzendaner.

The new and improved M&M Playground at Getzendaner Park, unveiled in May last year, has been a “huge success and impact with the community,” Asst. Parks and Recreation Director Gumaro Martine said.

Months of extensive work at Lee Penn began in 2017. The upgrades included a covered and lighted basketball court, covered pavilion, irrigation system, pipe fence rail, new playground structures and new a concrete parking lot.

“I think that it is going to really improve the area because we are adding so much more activity and useable park space,” Parks and Recreation Director John Smith told the Daily Light in 2017.

Oak Lawn Park at 500 Wyatt St. is currently undergoing renovations, officials confirmed.

To date, park renovations, “including construction, landscaping, irrigation and signage,” have totaled approximately $391,000, Gumaro reported.

Waxahachie boasts 18 parks.

For more information, contact the Parks & Recreation department at 469-309-4270.