After five years of preparation, the Little Creek Trail is expected to be completed in time for its grand opening in March.

Two miles long and 10 feet wide, the trail will start at Global High School, behind H.E.B., crossing through Brown Street and ending at Singleton Park.

Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Gumaro Martinez shared details about the process in creating Little Creek Trail. “It’s been about five years in planning phases,” Martinez said. “About three to five years planning and a year in construction.”

Little Creek Trail will be an addition to the current hiking and biking trails that run through Waxahachie. Most of the existing trails cross one another, connecting in some form.

Amy Borders, Director of Communications and Marketing, shared the importance of the trails.

“The goal is to have connectivity between all of them or close to it,” Borders said. “If they don’t connect directly, there’s at least a sidewalk system that would make it easier to go from one side to the other.”

This new addition will include a large covered pavilion and a fitness area, where the public can do body weight exercises.

The fitness area can be accessed by going down Indian Drive, next to Global High School. Once there, visitors will follow the trail for about a quarter of a mile, and the fitness area will come into view, along with the pavilion.

“We’ve had such a great response with the trail down here at Gezander (Park), and it’s on the south side of town,” Martinez said. “It just makes sense to do something on the northern side of town.” 

The grand opening is scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. to noon March 14 at Chapman Park.

During the celebration, City Parks and Recreation members will be in attendance. They will provide hot dogs and refreshments for the public. Additionally, they will have ATVs to provide tours of the new trail.

“The new trail is going to be an awesome improvement to the old trail, with all of these additional features,” Martinez added. “That’s really gonna make it accessible, convenient, and just enjoyable for the public.”