On this foggy Monday morning, the Dinah Weable Foundation received a donation from the Waxahachie Fire Fighters Association. The grocery store H-E-B served as the location for this event, with the red fire truck parked out front, ready for the reception.

Ray Weable, founder of the foundation, started the organization after his wife, Dinah Weable, beat breast cancer. The Weable Foundation has been in effect for 15 years, providing free mammograms for Ellis County.

“We started about 15 years ago, when Dinah came down with breast cancer,” Weable said. “So I decided to do something for her, since she tackled it...”

Now, the Fire Fighters Association has partnered with the foundation for about six to seven years. Each year, the association sells T-shirts in support of the foundation.

Last year, the association partnered with H-E-B to sell the T-shirts.

The grocery store gave one-third of their sales to the Fire Fighters Association. The association then split their share in half to donate to the Weable Foundation. This year, they gave the foundation a check of $4,354.40.

According to Cindy Smith, the chairman of the foundation, this has been the biggest donation they have received from the association.

Smith has been with the organization from the start. She was promoted to chairman last year, after being a board member.

“The main purpose is to fund mammograms for the uninsured, underprivileged women and we do that through Baylor Scott & White,” she said.

Smith said that the partnership with H-E-B helped with T-shirt sales. H-E-B, located on 800 N Hwy 77,  funded the T-shirts for the sales and then sold them in the store.

Ed Konick, a firefighter from station No. 2, has been a part of the association for five years.  This was the first time they had partnered with H-E-B to sell the T-shirts.

“It was a big help for us because selling T-shirts is not our business,” Konick said. “We run 911 calls and it was just real convenient and it was a blessing to get two birds with one stone.”

Before the foundation grew, Weable funded the foundation by himself.  “It kept growing so much, so that’s when I needed the help,” Weable said.

Now, the foundation uses donations to help fund itself. Dinah said that about 1,200 women have benefited from the Weable Foundation in Ellis County.