The band began to play as students walked in through the doors of St. Joseph Catholic School in celebration of the 100th day of school.

As students settled in, the song “Let’s go band,” rang from the instruments, and they chanted, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Principal Autumn Helland was in charge of planning the pep rally that took place Thursday.

“Last year was the first time that we decided to do a pep rally and kind of make it a schoolwide celebration,” Helland said. “Our students work so hard, and we just wanted to be like, ‘You made it!’ ”

Student council members led the event with posters they decorated: One sign read, “Go Knights,” while another read, “We Are #1.”

Students shouted chants, then stood up and cheered. Students from pre-k through eighth grade responded in excitement as they ate cupcakes.

In participation of the 100th day of school, kindergartners came dressed reflecting what a 100-year-old person would look like. Some students wore glasses, while others wore hair rollers.

Students weren’t the only ones present at this event.
Diana Lund came to enjoy the afternoon and watch her grandson play in the band. “I decided to go this year because usually I’m working, but I decided to take off,” Lund said. She said her grandson has attended the school since kindergarten and has grown up here. Lund usually volunteers in some school events and likes to be involved in the community.

Around 2:45 p.m., the event simmered down and the students grabbed their backpacks, waiting for dismissal.

The band teacher, Kristin Bittick, was left with her students and a seemingly proud smile on her face. “It’s a lot of fun for them to play for their peers,” Bittick said.

Bittick has students ranging from fourth to eighth grade. They play various instruments, which they get to choose from.

Band student Lily Grstenkorn enjoyed performing at the pep rally. “It’s kinda fun because everybody in the school is here, and they usually throw shirts out,” Grstenkorn said.

Next week, St. Joseph Catholic School will also be celebrating Catholic Schools Week.  For more information, visit