The Texas Railroad Commission dropped the hammer Tuesday on a North Texas telephone utility contractor for more than two dozen recent incidents — including three in Ellis County — where damage was caused to underground natural gas pipelines.

Omar Utilities Company was fined a total of $74,500 for 26 infractions by the commission during its public meeting at the RRC offices in Austin. The penalties were default judgments, since Omar Utilities representatives did not attend Tuesday’s meeting. The amounts ranged from $1,000 to $6,500 for each incident, with the highest penalty being established in an Ellis County occurrence.

Two incidents occurred in Midlothian — one in the 400 block of South 14th Street near George Hopper Road, and another at 218 North 14th Street — and one in Waxahachie, at 145 Spring Grove Creek.

Omar Utilities was fined $6,500 for the South 14th Street occurrence, and $3,000 for the South 14th Street damage in Midlothian. In addition, the company was fined $4,000 for the incident in Waxahachie.

All of the company’s infractions that were addressed during Tuesday’s commission meeting happened in Ellis, Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton counties.

Omar Utilities Company, LLC is based in Southeast Dallas and is in the business of installing telephone lines, according to online records. The business, which is fully licensed and registered in several North Texas municipalities, is owned by Wilmar Omar Quintanilla, according to many of the same sources.